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Accredited TILM

We offer Associate (operational level management) and Member (Senior Management, Business Leader level) certified development programmes accredited by The Institute of Leadership and Management (TILM).

Associate level embraces core aspects of what operational managers encounter on a day-to-day as they manage people to develop their technical knowledge, strategic insight and practical expertise across 4 key modules.
  • Culture, Ethics and Recruitment
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing and Achieving Change Successfully
  • Equality, Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing
Member level is for senior managers and organisational leaders to develop strategies for maintaining a high-performance culture within their areas of influence and ensuring the maximum benefits are gained through best use of resources across 4 key modules.
  • Recruitment, Retention and Relationship Management
  • Maximising and Maintaining Sustainable Performance
  • Leading Change and Transformation Successfully
  • Creating a Culture of Equality and Inclusivity
Your learner journey
TILM Qualification Path
Programme Aims To
The Institute of Leadership and Management Dimensions
TILM Dimensions Graphic
  • Give you 6 hours of online coaching with your Personal Development Coach to use as you choose. We recommend 6 individual hours of coaching spread throughout the Units
  • Increase knowledge, understanding and experience of People Management at all supervisory, management and leadership levels
  • Develop a culture of learning increasing your learning and development networks and a tool kit for personal growth
  • Promote good people management using real examples which highlight the pitfalls and progress possible within the subject matter of each module
  • Align your personal development coaching to the clients business and management development needs
  • Develop your understanding of people management and your concept of your own talent and personal potential as a manager and leader
  • Provide delegates with embedded skills for managing self and others. These skills build on your platform of personal resilience and will address practical steps such as how to manage positive and negative feedback and how to manage conflict to reach a resolution
  • Share simple and practical ways to ensure that good self and people management skills are practised, using example ‘confidential’ cases and developing your use of existing appraisal systems, to maximise personal and team performance
  • Promote a culture of succession planning, career coaching and talent management established through the coaching assigned for each delegate throughout the course
  • Encourage your further development and growth. All TILM learners receive 12 months Studying Membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management, where you can access the Dimensions Leadership model (opposite) which has 49 components offering extended learning topics to complement your management and leadership capabilities as organisational leaders that achieve successful outcomes